Sunscreen for Face and Hair.

Hello friends,

I have been busy telling all my clients how important UV protection is on their hair to keep that beautiful color last as long as possible!  We know the better we take care of our hair the better it will look and the better our color will last!  Also do not neglect to add a few more deep conditioning treatments this time of year, the more time in the sun the more often you should deep condition!  TIGI has many styling products and now also Shampoo and Conditioners with protection build right in!

Now to sunscreen for the face and body the FDA says there is really no reason to use more then a 30 spf of sunscreen.  The real benefits come from applying 20 minutes before exposure and EVERY  2 hours after that!  This will ensure your best protection be especially diligent on your face, neck and chest area especially  for you women this is where we see the signs of aging first!  Be sure and ask your Salon Professional what skin care regimen and spa procedures to keep your skin glowing and healthy during these hot and dry summer months!

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