Sugar Cane Peel Advantages

     Spring is the time for rejuvination, this should also include your skin.  A Sugar Cane Peel by CCSS is just your answer the benefits are numerous.  First it will help to diminish fine lines and brown spots, also the skin will have a beautiful texture and color.  The Sugar Cane Peel is also VERY helpful in treating acne! 

      The Sugar Cane Peel is a fruit acid peel NOT a chemical peel, they are nick named the lunch time peel.  You will have No down time and your skin will look and feel amazing.  We recommend a series of 6 peels for best results followed by a monthly visit to maintain your beautiful glowing skin.  Also remember appling Sun Sheild SPF 30 is the best way to protect your face and neck.

Sunscreen for Face and Hair.

Hello friends, I have been busy telling all my clients how important UV protection is on their hair to keep that beautiful color last as long as possible!  We know the better we take care of our hair the better it will look and the better our color will last!  Also do not neglect to… Continue Reading

Advantage of Regular haircuts!

     Getting  regular haircuts can make hair look thicker and by cutting off split ends regularly will keep hair looking  healthy. If the bottom of your hair is considerably thinner then the rest YOU have split ends and should get a haircut IMMEDIATELY!   The only way to get rid of split ends is to trim them regularly,… Continue Reading

Secrets to Great Looking Hair!

     The Winter is especially hard on the hair with the dry air and extreme temperatures it really takes a toll.  Some easy fixes, turn the shower temperature DOWN as cool as you can stand to help smooth down the outer layer of your hair.  This also applies to blow drying use a cooler setting to… Continue Reading

Home Haircolor almost kills teen

     We all know home haircolor can be bad for your hair, but deadly too!  This teen experienced a terrible allergic reation to the product. Box color contains 23% ammonia and windex has 12%, most professional color has from 1% to 3%, BIG DIFFERENCE!  No wonder people that continually color at home have very dry, dull,… Continue Reading